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What does it cost to become a member of the Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers?

There are no fees charged for joining any of the CMC chapters. It is not uncommon though for the various chapters to have fundraising activities to fund the activities of the chapters.

When and where do you meet?

We do meet every Sunday at 09:00 at our Clubhouse located behind the Sands Chapel, 317 Goldstream Ave in Colwood. Our Clubhouse is totally equipped with a full kitchen, large screen TV and plenty of seating. The coffee is always on and a bottomless cup is only a buck! We strongly suggest you bring your own mug and leave it at the Clubhouse so you always have one.  We also meet every other Wednesday at the  A&W on the Old Island Highway next to Galaxy Motors.

If I become a member, do I have to attend all meetings?

While attending all the meetings is impossible, we would really like to see you as often as possible - even if it is only for a coffee.

Great! So how do I become a member?

Simple - just click this link

I Am A Member But Need To Update My Info

Communications is one thing that is really important and without your current info, it makes it pretty hard. Just Click This Link To Update Thank you

Ok, I Still have Questions

This is understandable, so we have an FAQ that will explain more about us. Just Click This Link

We welcome all bikes and riders.

The only requirements that we have are:
1.) You do not drink and ride
2.) Ride what you have
3.) Have fun
4.) Be nice