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About CMC065 Greater Victoria 

The Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers (CMC) was founded in November of 2006 with the first Chapter in Cambridge / Guelph and now has 84 chapters and over 5,000 members nationwide. 

 Chapter 065 was started April 3rd, 2007 and by the end of 2007 there were 18 members. Over the years the the Chapter, like all others, has seen its ups and downs. Membership has been as high as 125+ and as low as 10, but one thing never changes - We believe in having fun and going for rides.

CMC065 is also very proud in that we have our own Clubhouse, but don't let our location fool you. It comes complete with full kitchen facilities, large screen TV and plenty of seating for most of our banquets. The large parking lot allows us to park all of our bikes and still have room to conduct drills.

Every January, we ring in the year off with our Annual Polar Bear Ride, then in spring we have our Annual Campout somewhere here on the Island. Summer brings the riding season to full throttle with day and weekend trips. We try to schedule a good long ride every year. In the fall, things start to wind down a bit - but one great thing about the Island is that the riding season is never over. Over the winter months we will get together for our Annual Christmas Party, potlucks and movie nights.

We welcome all bikes and riders. The only requirements that we have are:

1.) You do not drink and ride
2.) Ride what you have
3.) Have fun
4.) Be nice 


1. Are there any membership fee required to join?

NO. There are no fees charged for joining any of the CMC chapters. It is not uncommon though for the various chapters to have fundraising activities to fund the activities of the chapters.

2. Do I have to have a motorcycle license to be a rider in the group?

Yes. Group riding is a type of precision riding therefore for the safety of all involved it is necessary to have the experience that a full motorcycle license without restrictions offers. A fully completed motorcycle license means that there are NO restrictions on riding times, speed limits, and no required riding with a chaperon. Here in BC that is a class 6 license.

3. What can I expect as a member of the Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers?

You will be offered opportunities to ride with such good friends you will begin to see them as family. You will be offered assistance improving your motorcycle riding skills through mentoring and additional courses that are offered free of charge such as Group Riding and Road Captain training. You will be offered assistance in emergency situations even when not riding on a group ride. The CMC is an internet based club with all our communication on internet forums. Each Chapter has its own area on the forum. Club business and all other communications takes place there. This will include chapter rides, general information, member updates, charity rides, etc.

4. What is expected of me as a member of Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers?

First and foremost, participate and become involved. It is the greatest compliment to those working to bring you the events they plan for you and the group. We welcome every kind of motorcycle in our riding club. The mandate of our riding club is: It doesn't matter the brand, as long as you ride! We have three simple rules: no alcohol on group rides; ride safely; and always be nice and have fun! You should be prepared to drive 10km over the posted speed limit. We often ride in the northern areas of Vancouver Island where speed limits are posted at 110 kms/hour. Therefore members need to have a motorcycle able to go 120 km/hr for a prolonged period. Members that do not participate during the year are purged from the roster but you will be able to re-apply as your time permits.

5. What is the Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers position on drinking alcohol on rides?

We have a zero tolerance policy. It's that simple. You drink, you ride alone.

6. Am I required to wear a "patch"?

NO. Generally in the 1% motorcycle world "patches" are earned and must be worn. We are a riding club and have a CMC crest which is referred to as the "Madison". The Madison is NOT earned and is named after the 10 year old girl that designed it for the CMC in a contest. The wearing of the Madison is strictly voluntary but is strongly encouraged as there are a number of events where wearing it is required (parades, formal functions and some regional and national functions). That said many of our members choose to wear the Madison and wear it with pride.

7.When and where do you meet?

We meet every other Tuesday evenings at 6:30 at the A&W on the Old Island Highway next to Galaxy Motors (see the calendar for more details), and on Sunday mornings at 9:00 at our Clubhouse located in the rear of Sands Chapel on Goldstream

8. How often do you ride?

We ride when ever we can - after all, we are a Riding Club.

9. Do you have any restrictions on who can ride with you?

Yes. Group riding is a type of precision riding therefore for the safety of all involved it is necessary to have the experience that a full motorcycle license without restrictions offers. A fully completed motorcycle license means that there are NO restrictions on riding times, speed limits, and no required riding with a chaperon. Here in BC that is a class 6 license.

In addition, we will restrict some motorcycles from a ride because they will not be able to keep up with the rest of the riders. Your bike must be able to sustain the speed limit PLUS 10 km. On some rides, this means 120 km. A 400cc machine might be able to keep up with the crew, but it will not be very comfortable for the rider.

10. OK, I have my CLASS 6, I ride a good sized bike, what else do I need to know?

All of our Members are required to attend a group riding course that is conducted in-house free of charge. Everyone and every club rides differently and to ensure the safety of all our members, we conduct this training course as often as required so we are all on the same page. Until you take this course, you are still welcome to ride with us however, you will be riding to the rear of the group and will not be able to have a passenger on the ride until you are CMC Group Riding Certified. By riding in rear, it will give you a preview of the way we ride and is a safety measure for everyone.

11. Sure, but I have been riding for years.  

Our training course is mandatory for all Members. From time to time, we need to adjust the way we ride and this warrants a refresher course for everyone in the Club.

12. What is the process of joining?

As  mentioned above - membership is free, all you have to do is go here: and signup.  We do however have a probationary period and that is 90 days.  So from the date you sign up, you will have 90 days to become active in the Club or you will be dropped from the roster.



CMC is all about safety first. When you come to us, we except that you know how to ride and that you have a current Motorcycle Endorsement. We will offer you several courses, one of which is our new member's introduction to Group Riding. You might have years of experience riding, but for our safety, we want everyone to be on the same page. We will also offer advanced courses to enable you to grow within the Club.


As a member of the CMC, you are not just a member, you are family. Because we are a National Club, you are a member of over 90 Chapters nation-wide. Whether you are in Victoria or Nanaimo and you stop in Ottawa, jump on our forum and find out when they meet and hook up for a ride or just a chin-wag. Our National Rallies are hosted all over the country and helps bring members together for fun and fellowship.


As members of the CMC, we commit to bringing you the best experience on two wheels. Get involved by planning rides and events and be part of the action.