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Yearly Calendar

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* 2017 Nov 22
Last Wednesday night meet for the season

* 2017 Dec 2
Victoria Christmas Truck Parade, we will be assisting Julie with serving Hot Chocolate to the community. Expect to be there from 6pm ‘til 8pm. Dress warm

* 2017 Dec 10
Christmas Brunch at the Goldstream Clubhouse. Open at 9am.  
We would ask for volunteers to bring in the bacon and sausages.
We would like to have a present exchange of gag gifts with a price limit of $5, we will be introducing a new way of gift exchange and gift stealing for this year.

*  2017 Dec 19

This will be our last Sunday morning meetup for 2017. We will be discussing what to put on the AGM agenda and coming up with a date for the AGM meeting.

* 2018 Jan 10
Resume Sunday morning meetups with the occasional breakfast at Denny’s after morning Coffee. (While we wait for better riding conditions).

* 2018 Jan 20-22
Vancouver Motorcycle Show
Meet at the Clubhouse to carpool over. More info to follow

Important dates to for 2018, all CMC members are invited to join.
May long weekend campout,
June Duffy Lake Loop,
July Horse Thief Hideout,
Aug Sturgis 3-12 Aug, Saltspring Island Toy Run,
Sep CMC Grand Slam, Port Alberni Toy Run, Oyster Run.