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CMC 065 Greater Victoria

We are really glad you stopped by.  CMC065 welcomes all riders, no matter what you ride.  We are about fellowship, riding and having a great time.

Our Clubhouse has reopened! Everyone is welcome to join us for a cup, a chat and a ride.
Watch our forum for details on planned rides and updated meeting places. If you are not already a member, please feel free to join we would be happy to add you to our growing group of enthusiasts


The Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers (CMC) was founded in November of 2006 with the first Chapter in Cambridge / Guelph and now has 84 chapters and over 5,000 members nationwide. The Victoria Chapter was started in April of 2007 as the third chapter on Vancouver Island and is the third largest active Chapter in Western Canada.

The CMC has an established Charter and By-Laws governing our organization. The most important article is Article 10.3.1 "Consumption of alcohol or any other potentially impairing substance by a motorcycle operator prior to or during any riding event is not permitted". We ride clean and safe.

Our mission is really very simple, we meet with friends to go for rides. We are also a social club having a variety of activities and events. Our members are as varied as the highway is long. Some come with years and 1000's of km's of riding experience, while others are brand new riders. Some will ride cruisers while others ride sport bikes. Some are men others are women. We don't care what you ride, how much you ride or what your gender, as long as you ride it! We are a family based riding club with all members of the family being welcome at most events. We welcome every kind of motorcycle in our club.

We are an internet based club with all our communication on internet forums. A "Member's Only" link will take you to our forums (you must either be signed in or sign in at the error screen) which are "closed" to the public, so you must be registered (IT'S FREE) . On the Forums, we will post ride events, news and so much more information. On our Calendar, we have all the up-coming rides, events and camps that we currently have planned plus a lot more.

Thanks for checking us out. Come on out and join us for a ride.

RIP Randy

RIP T-Bone (Dec 2017)

Rest easy Randy and ride hard up there in heaven, and keep a watch for all of your brothers and sisters as we ride those roads down here.  You will be missed.

Ron "Recycle" Asselin Memorial Patch

Order a Memorial Patch to honour Ron here.

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Chapter 065 was started April 3rd, 2007. CMC065 is also very proud in that we have our own Clubhouse complete with full kitchen facilities, large screen TV and plenty of seating for most of our banquets.


There is never a dull moment with this Chapter. Unlike other clubs, we do not only sit around and talk about bikes and drink coffee, we get out and ride. At times we may meet up with another Chapter for a ride or for a Meet in the Middle.


From time to time we have last minute details to pass on and we will do that in the forums. We will also attempt to post current motorcycle related happenings around town here.

Our Clubhouse

Just have to show off our clubhouse at 317 Goldstream Ave in Colwood


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MUST BE A MEMBER and signed into forum

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